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This is great idea-finding advice from Steve padilla. Says Steve, turn a story on its head. If the macro view has been done, do the micro view. Say, for example, theres already been a story about a census bungle that reports half of a small town as deceased. You could write a new story describing one mans fight with bureaucracy as he tries to prove he is very much alive. Reconfigure and recycle real life.

Its one of the steps to writing a book neil gaiman advocates in his article answering readers questions here. Look to literary tradition and say. Many fantastic novels have been written out of writers disatissfaction with contemporaries or shutter predecessors treatments of subjects dear to them. Think about a book that has disappointed or even angered you with its treatment of specific subjects, themes or issues. Let that gall drive you to imagine how the story could have been told differently. Find a writing prompt that fires up your creativity. Theres a reason story-writing prompts can be found all over the web: Because they work. If youre feeling stuck for ideas, one of your first steps to writing a book should be picking a writing prompt and writing freely on the topic. You might not use what you come up with while responding to a prompt, but in the process you could easily find other, better story ideas. Take the micro view of a story thats been done.

i love you in shorthand writing

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When you find a fascinating news item, you will already have some (if not all) of these elements to expand and extrapolate on because of this shared story emphasis. Borrow book ideas from history. This advice (via leo babauta) is excellent because history is full of daring feats essays and surprising turns of events. You dont have to write historical fiction to find your story ideas in history. You could use reports from a disastrous battle and its historical fallout, for example, as the basis for a fantasy battle and its immediate and lingering effects in your own fantasy novel. Ask a series of imaginative what if questions. This is a classic, playful approach to finding story ideas.

i love you in shorthand writing

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In Stephen Kings, on Writing, the bestselling authors says: good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: Two previously unrelated ideas come together and make strange something new under the sun. Your job isnt to find these ideas but to rcognize them when they show. King touches on something important: we often talk of finding ideas, but ideas come to us when we are observant and curious about the world. This curiosity includes imagining novel ways to combine unlike things. Love or hate the trend, the explosion of Classic authors novel with zombies books is an excellent example of how you can take unrelated ideas to create something with mass market appeal. Trawl news articles for great story scenarios. Often news items have fantastic story potential. Journalism, like fiction-writing, focuses on the 5 ws of story who, what, why, where and when.

Mom did the best with what she knew. She worked hard to make sure we were all taken care of under sometimes trying situations. Thats how she shows her love. And she loves us very much. Writing a book is a complex process. In this two-part post, we share 50 tips for the first five of the ten steps to writing a book, from finding a winning novel idea to writing a successful first draft: Step 1: Find a book-worthy story idea. Whether youre writing a book for the first time or a veteran author, finding story ideas can be challenging. Here are 10 tips for the first step of writing a book:. Make something new out of two previously unrelated ideas.

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i love you in shorthand writing

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Dad has lost all of his memories of this, so we need to tell him what we witnessed. When she was home without him, she seemed lost. That was tough for her—not knowing if shed ever get him back. Mom was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. She forgets more now.

Shes lost some of her ability to take care paper of others. Its time for others to take care of her. I wonder if that will be hard for her. Dad regained his mind, but has lost the ability to do some things for himself physically. Mom is losing her memory, but still has the ability to do for my dad. So they make it work, and they still live independently at the home dad built for her. Everything I said at the end of Dads letter I can repeat here.

Hurting her was probably one of the five hardest moments in my life. Mom, although it happened 40 years ago, its still not too much time to say how sorry. Mom has always been devoted to dad. She has supported his dreams. One of those dreams was to sell their house, buy a motor home and live in it full time. They did this for several years until Dad started to lose his eyesight.

Dad then wanted to build a home for her. She said she didnt want a house, that she would be fine renting. He built the home anyway. Such is that way my parents love each other. When Dad had his strokes, mom visited the hospital for hours every day. She did this for many months.

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They tolerated me putting a huge cb radio antenna on the roof of the house. Moms dad once let me look through a hoard of pennies to start my coin collection. I was hooked, and I collected anything you can imagine, and some things you might not imagine. They review even let me collect you beer cans even though Dad was against drinking alcohol. I acted out as a teen. I was caught with a friend while we stole cb radios. I rationalized it because i wasnt the person actually going into cars and doing the stealing. (The police told me afterward that who does the stealing makes no difference legally.) After the police brought me home, my mother and I just held each other and cried.

i love you in shorthand writing

Mom modeled passivity to us children when it came to dad. Dad may disagree, but I could have actually developed a better sense of entitlement as I was growing. I think having a sense of my own voice and a better self-image would have helped me in my relationship with friends, adults, and others. Yet—now that I think of it—both Mom and Dad supported me in my own interests. I always had a hobby that tended to change from year to year. I loved playing report with a chemistry set and looking through a microscope i must have gotten for Christmas. As a teen, i created a photography darkroom in the basement.

the entire state). As a favor to mom, one of the partners wrote a letter of recommendation to the local college encouraging them to offer a scholarship. The partners last name was Hederman—as in Hederman Science building and Hederman girls dorm on campus. I received a full tuition scholarship, which Im sure helped my family greatly during a time when they had two or three children in college at once. Mom almost always deferred to dads judgment. I talked to mom about it years later. She said that Dad was usually right, and that she did have disagreements with Dad, it was simply done behind closed doors and not in front of the children. Frankly, i wish I had seen more of these disagreements.

During the summer the cherry tree you out back yielded tons of cherries and Mom would pit and bake the cherries into sour cherry pies. Christmas was nut cookies made with real lard. To this day, my favorite desserts are cinnamon pastries and sweet-sour desserts. Once all of her kids were in elementary school, mom wanted to work outside the home. Dad agreed so long as shed be home by the time school let out. Mom had serious skills as a typist and stenographer. She knows shorthand, and I was always curious what she was writing because i couldnt read. (I wonder if younger generations even know what shorthand is?). She got a job at the typing pool at an office near our elementary school.

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Mom has taken care of others her entire life. I suspect it started as a girl, though obviously i wasnt around to witness. It was certainly true while i was growing. She was a stay-at-home mom at a time when women were supposed to stay home and take care of their families. I was born nine months after Mom and Dad were married, and by their fourth anniversary they had three children, all preschoolers. Mom changed every cloth diaper, made every meal, cleaned up our vomit when we couldnt make it to our one bathroom and did everything she could to take care of all. The budget was tight, and she would make us a lot of Spaghetti-Os, beans-and-franks, fried bologna sandwiches, and meatloaf writing with breadcrumbs. Fridays during Lent was fishsticks and tater tots. Dessert was cinnamon and sugar on white bread and toasted in the oven.

i love you in shorthand writing
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I love hearing about the origins of words, so this post was great. with a new language that i 'm dubbing computerese shorthand.

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  1. said, while, i love the pencil, i also feel a real joy at sitting down to the keyboard, my fingers poised like a piano players, ready. Share this: Others thank you. longing, because love is the universal Creator, and so often diminished to happiness.

  2. skills love, maine marriage pasticceria gmb perugia piselli Play portland. I love it when that happens. People use shorthand and get misunderstandings. find myself writing dialogue that is not straight and.

  3. I love writing with a fountain penused one all the way through graduate school and beyond. Its okay to love writing. Once you start writing, dont stop.

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