Fairy tale short story summary

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66 Black wing Armor Black wing Armor ( Kureha no yoroi this armor is black with silver trimming that has silver crosses is several places. It has a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her hips that reach down to her waist-guard. The waist-guard leaves the front of Erzas body exposed, with her groin being covered by a dark imbuement. She has large plates guarding her legs. She has two wings that have black metal "arms" acting as the wings' leading structure, but the parts used to fly are composed of a membrane-like material. Erza's hair is tied in a ponytail. Flight : This armor seems to grant Erza the ability to fly around for short distances. 67 Increased Offense : This armor increases Erza's offensive capabilities, and she uses it in conjunction with any number of weapons to deal her enemy great damage.

Her stomach and neck are uncovered, and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of individual blades, as well as a wing-like headpiece. 61 Flight : While wearing this armor, Erza seemingly gains the ability to fly for short distances. 28 Sword Requipping : Erza is able to summon a large amount of swords simple (roughly more than 200 and launch weapons at her opponent(s) in a variety of different ways. The armor is meant to be used for facing multiple opponents. 28 Blumenblatt tenrin: Burūmenburatto erza will requip a mass amount of swords, and then charge at her opponent and slice him or her with two of her swords. 62 Then she will fly past her enemy and send the swords she requipped into the enemy at the same time. 63 64 Circle Sword tenrin sākuru Sōdo erza requips swords and has them circle around her by utilizing the command, "Dance, my blades". The swords then begin spinning rapidly around Erza and she sends them flying towards her opponent(s) in a disc formation at first and upon impact the swords separate and fly in different directions dealing great damage. 28 Trinity Sword tenrin: Toriniti Sōdo while in her heavens Wheel Armor, Erza slashes the opponent in a delta formation. 65 Pentagram Sword tenrin: Pentaguramu Sōdo while using the heaven's Wheel Armor, the user slashes the swords in the shape of a pentagram to attack resume the target.

fairy tale short story summary

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56 Immense magic Power : As an s-class Mage of the fairy tail guild, Erza possesses a tremendous amount of Magic Power. Throughout many difficult battles Erza was able to requip powerful armors in rapid succession without showing any signs of fatigue. She was also able to requip her heaven's Wheel Armor and over 200 swords after Requipping her Lightning Empress Armor without running out of Magic Power. When exerted, her Magic Power is red in color. 57 Her Magic Power itself was enough to make neinhart uneasy, fearing that she was somehow related to Irene belserion, the strongest female of the Spriggan. 58 Equipment Erza owns over 100 different types of armor, 59 and over 200 different types of weapons. Heart Kreuz armor ( Hāto kurosu yoroi made by the popular fashion brand heart Kreuz specifically for her, this is Erza's casual armor, which she is mostly seen wearing. This armor sports a breastplate now composed of a single piece of metal, decorated by curved lines and by a deformed essay version of heart Kreuz's mark, with the cross' right arm extending to the right part of Erza's chest, and the added mark of fairy. 60 heaven's Wheel Armor heaven's Wheel Armor ( Tenrin no yoroi plated armor covers her chest, with a large metal flower over it, and she wears a large billowing skirt that has metal plating in the upper area.

fairy tale short story summary

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49 When Ultear Milkovich used her Arc of Time to open up Erza's "Second Origin Erza showed no signs of being bothered at all, unlike her teammates, including Gray fullbuster, natsu Dragneel, and juvia lockser, who couldn't walk and writhed around on the floor. 50 In addition, during the third day of the Grand Magic Games of X791, Erza was able to fight and defeat 100 powerful monsters, including one which was said to be so powerful that even a ten wizard saint might not be able to defeat. 51 Despite being heavily injured and bruised, she left the fight without showing any signs of fatigue, something which garnered her praise from hundreds of people, including quite a few powerful Mages. 52 Erza was also able to withstand Minerva's extremely destructive yagdo rigora spell with only slight damage. Immense reflexes : Erza possesses extremely sharp reflexes, and a high degree agility and speed. Despite her being severely battle worn, she was able to dodge a blast from Jose porla while balancing herself on one hand. 53 She was also able to skillfully and acrobatically dodge a barrage of Darkness Magic Spells from Jellal Fernandes, 54 and when he knocked her through the walls of the tower of heaven she launched herself off of a few small falling rocks back into. 55 When evergreen shot a few rays at her as a surprise attack, erza easily dodged the rays with a side jump.

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fairy tale short story summary

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37 She was also able to engage Erza knightwalker in an unarmed fight after all of their weapons were shattered in their previous battle, attacking her counterpart with powerful punches and performing throws and takedowns to push her away. 38 She is also able to mix hand-to-hand combat with her swordsmanship while in the midst of battle. 39 Erza slicing through metal with air pressure Enhanced Strength : In stark contrast with her slim and womanly figure, erza possesses a very large amount of physical strength, having been repeatedly shown capable of lifting and dragging around objects many times her own size. 41 She was also able to send Midnight flying against a wall, several meters away from about both of them, with a flick of her wrist. 42 In addition, her sword slashes possess house so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings.

33 Immense Endurance : Erza has been shown to possess a vast amount of physical endurance. After using up all of her Magic Power during her fight with azuma by focusing it all in a single slash, 43 she was still able to join the battle against Hades, requipping different armors and performing combo attacks with her teammates. 44 She was also able to fight and hold her own against a mage of Jellal Fernandes ' caliber after having fought and defeated ikaruga, a very powerful assassin from death's head caucus. Erza battling 100 monsters Immense durability : Erza has also proven herself to have a vast amount of physical durability: with the aid of her Adamantine Armor, she was able to take the brunt of the magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter on herself, 45 and then. 47 While clad in her heaven's Wheel Armor, she was capable of taking on the counter effect of 200 Lacrima orbs from Laxus' Thunder Palace even though the effect of one of the orbs is enough to endanger someone's life. 48 and she was also able to survive the highly-damaging Terra Clamare twice, and still manage to continue to fight and defeat azuma.

28 Telekinesis : Erza is also a skilled user of Telekinesis. The first time she used this Magic, however, was accidental. When she was a child in the tower of heaven she used this Magic to levitate discarded weapons from the ground and launch them at her enemies, something which she did inadvertently, due to the shock caused by rob 's death. 29 Erza's most common use of Telekinesis comes with her Sword Magic, in which she can perform different attacks by controlling her swords remotely. (Unnamed) Erza displaying her swordplay with dual weapons Master Swordsmanship Specialist : Erza possesses great mastery in swordsmanship and her skills in swordsmanship are of the highest caliber.

Her offensive capabilities mainly come from her swordplay, which enables her to effectively utilize the weapons that her Requip provides, which includes swords, short swords, axes, lances and staffs (among others). Erza has shown great skill in utilizing the reverse-grip of swordsmanship as well as the normal grip. She is even capable of employing her swords effectively using her feet, by wielding their hilts between her hallux and second toe. 30 Her swordsmanship is enough for her to slash through Aria's presumably intangible airspaces, 31 and to deflect hundreds of needles which were shot at her by evergreen with relative ease. 32 In addition, her sword slashes possess so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings. 33 Expert Archer : Erza has shown to possess some skill in archery, as shown when she impressively overwhelmed Eclipse sagittarius, a master in archery, in their aiming match. 34 keen Intellect : Erza has proven herself to be clever and to possess a thorough knowledge of the magic world: she was able to figure out why the people of Galuna Island were changing into demons (or thought they were) after only a brief. 36 Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant : Despite favoring the use of her various weapons, Erza has proven herself to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Despite her being bound to a wall, she was able to easily knock Shô unconscious with a single kick.

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26 Magic and Abilities Erza's Requip Requip : The Knight kansō za naito requip is a type of Spatial Magic and Erza's signature form of Magic, over which she possesses great mastery. It is a type of Magic that allows her to swap weapons, armor and clothes at will. Her particular form of Requip is called The Knight. She is noted for her ability to requip extremely fast and is the only sword Mage known to be capable of Requipping weapons and armor while fighting, she is said to have over 100 different armors, something which made her and her immense strength well. 27 Sword Magic ( Ken no mahō in addition to her signature magic, requip, erza is also an extremely talented user of Sword Magic. As the name implies, this is a type of Magic which revolves around the use of swords. Through the use of this Magic, Erza is capable of using her swords to perform different magical attacks. This is usually done in combination with specific armors essays of hers, which makes her a very deadly combatant. It is also shown that she can also combine different armors with other swords from other armors to either block or attack using deadlier force and mixing different elements together.

fairy tale short story summary

She felt no discomfort stating her desire to shower with Natsu and Gray or the fact that she used to shower with them when they were younger. 22 When they were at the hot spring, when she learned that the boys may have been peeping on her and the other girls, she wanted to invite them to bathe with them, much to wendy 's shock and Lucy 's strong thesis objection. 23 Lucy has also stated that Erza has a habit of climbing into her bed in their shared room during the Grand Magic Games. 24 It was shown that Erza can't hold her liquor. While drunk, she acts very aggressive towards others, as shown by her behavior towards her guildmates. She also seems to have a problem recognizing people when drunk. 25 As mentioned by levy, erza has a secret fondness for smut and erotic novels.

while to Erza knightwalker, erza is strong, cool and a little scary but relied on by everyone, even so she can be really. 16 Jellal, when he had lost his memories, remembering nothing but the name "Erza said her name was "full of kindness, brightness and warmth". 17 Erza blames herself for her comrades' misfortune Erza describes herself as someone who was always crying, since she wasn't able to protect those dear to her. Several examples are when Rob tried to shield her from destruction, and when Jellal was captured because he saved her and was brainwashed by " Zeref ". 18 Also, erza has stated that she feels uncomfortable and insecure when she's not wearing armor. 19 However, when Erza encounters ikaruga, she overcomes her fear and defeats her without her armor. 18 Despite her reserved personality and mostly dressing in her conservative heart Kreuz armor, Erza has been shown to have very little modesty and an unusual view on the concept in general. Many of her armors are skimpy, revealing and feminine, and when out of armor she has an affinity for sexy and revealing clothing. 20 21 Finally, erza seems to have no problem with men (or at least her male guildmates) seeing her naked.

10, she has a slender, voluptuous figure that. Lucy heartfilia described as "amazing." Her most common attire consists of a custom-made armor. Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond shaped silver earrings. Her fairy tail stamp is blue and is located on the middle of her left upper arm. 3 11 12, erza's specialty in, requip Magic allows her to requip not twist only armors but different outfits as well, enabling her to change her attire at any given time. Personality, erza's wrath, erza is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. This, coupled with her own tragic childhood, caused many of her guildmates to avoid her due to her social awkwardness.

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Overview all I need is homework the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, i don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world. " —, erza scarlet to, azuma in the sirius Tree erza scarlet (. Eruza sukāretto ) is an s-class Mage of the. Fairy tail guild, 7 wherein she is a member. She also served as the guild's 7th. Guild Master during, makarov 's absence in X792. 8, appearance, erza is a young woman with long, scarlet hair and brown eyes. She lost her right eye as a child 9 and now has an artificial one which was created.

fairy tale short story summary
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Complete summary of geoffrey chaucer's, the canterbury tales. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action. Erza scarlet ( Eruza sukāretto) is an s-class Mage of the.

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