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Drive 10 miles less per week. Carpool, take public transit, or telecommute one day per week instead of driving to work. Replace your old refrigerator with a new Energy Star one. Replace an old tv with a new Energy Star one. Replace your old dishwasher with a new Energy Star one. Replace an old computer, monitor, and printer with new Energy Star ones. Replace your old washing machine with a new Energy Star one.

Replace a porch light thats always on with a compact fluorescent bulb. Turn your heater thermostat down 2 degrees in winter and mission up 2 degrees in the summer. Install a programmable thermostat to adjust your homes heating and cooling automatically. Make sure your walls and ceilings are well-insulated. Air-dry your clothes in the spring and summer instead of using the dryer. Set your water ops heater thermostat no higher than 120. Replace bathroom and kitchen sink facets with low-flow models. Go from 500 sheets of 0 recycled computer to 200 sheets of 100 recycled paper. Drive less aggressively — dont accelerate and brake rapidly. Drive the speed limit. Keep the tires on your car adequately inflated.

one ton of paper

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Let me put it this way: one of the biggest things Im looking forward to when having my own house is having a few giant compost bins in the backyard with potato peels and coffee mba grounds and yard clippings and earthworms and. Green initiative, which lets you choose from an enormous list of minor lifestyle changes that can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. It has a slick, cute interface that lets you drag and drop the options from the big list onto one that lists the items youre willing to do, and it automatically calculates how many tons of carbon dioxide per year that you would save. So why write about this on a personal finance site? Its because a lot of these items on the list not only reduces your personal carbon dioxide emissions, they also save money. I went through the entire list of items and selected the ones that were really simple to do and also clearly saved money in the long run (I didnt include ones that were ambiguous to me about money savings). Here they are:. Switch 3 lights that you use for 4 hours a day with compact fluorescent bulbs.

one ton of paper

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Among two-wheel-drive crew-cab dually heavy-duty pickups, ford still claims the top fifth-wheel towing rating at 21,800 pounds, beating the silverado by 300 pounds and the ram by 2,600 pounds. Ford can also lay claim to the highest payload and conventional towing figures for one-ton trucks. The ford F-350 Super Duty can haul up to 7,070 pounds in a regular cab, two-wheel drive, drw configuration. The silverado 3500 crew cab can haul the most cargo among four-door hd pickups, at 6,223 pounds. It's interesting to see the differences in ratings among crew and regular cab trucks, but it's difficult to tell among all the heavy-duty truck makers where engineering capability is outperformed by marketing wizardry to lay claim to best-in-class bragging rights. Sources: Chrysler, ford, general Motors, comments (125) in, chevrolet, chevrolet Silverado 3500, comparison, diesels, ford, ford F-350, heavy-duty, new Trucks, ram 3500, ram Brand, towing and hauling. I admit to being an environmentalist, and a pretty far out one, too i was raised with a mother Earth News / Organic Gardening type of father who instilled a ton of basic environmentalism in me, and I try very hard to reduce my environmental.

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one ton of paper

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The ho cummins diesel increases torque 23 percent to 800 pounds-feet (at 1,600 rpm leadership up from today's rating of 650 pounds-feet (at 1,500 rpm). It will be standard on all 25 models equipped with Chrysler's 68rfe six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission also gets a new torque converter with updated shift calibrations to handle the increased power settings. The only mechanical change to the cummins is a new crankshaft damper that's said to reduce engine noise and vibration. When the ho cummins is paired with the new Max Tow Package option for Ram hd pickups, the ram 3500 claims bragging rights among one-ton pickups for the highest intentions fifth-wheel towing figure — 22,700 pounds.

The max Tow Package for the ram adds a beefed-up rear axle with a new.10 gear ratio, new rear-axle pinion, new helical gears, upgraded bearings and an aluminum differential cover with large cooling fins. There's also a new water-to-oil transmission cooler and new power steering cooler to help manage the higher trailer towing ratings. This table compares the 2011.5 ho ram. The early 2011 Ram with the standard Cummins diesel, plus competitive chevy and Ford trucks. A two-wheel-drive, regular cab, dual-rear-wheel Ram 3500 can tow up to 22,700 pounds, beating a similarly configured Ford F-350 by 100 pounds and the Chevy silverado 3500 by 1,000 pounds.

Facebook firmly believes that Origami can strengthen the work of young designers in high school and college today, driving them to think about fluid interaction design rather than static image design. And Facebook is training all of its own designers to use quartz composer and Origami from here on out. We want design at Facebook to be awesome. A skeptic might ask, should Facebook really give away the software for free? Facebook is, after all, a business.

If Origami really is the next big thing in rapid interface prototyping, wouldnt the company be better off keeping that advantage in-house, and out of the hands of competition at Twitter and every other app and social media platform? Ultimately, facebook wants to move interaction design forward as a field, confident that it will ultimately make facebook a better product. And there may be some personal pride at stake, too. I actually feel pretty passionate that, if youre competing based upon a tool, youre losing, hamlin tells sign. We dont want that through some tools advantage. We want it to be by solving the best problems, and being the best place to work. Posted by mike levine february 24, 2011. Ram has released the full towing and hauling specs for its 2011 heavy duty pickups armed with the new High Output.7-liter Cummins isb six-cylinder diesel. We've created an updated comparison chart to see how the final numbers stack up against Chevy's and Ford's HDs.

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We spent a ton of time trying to make the organization really approachable and friendly. They made many practical changes, like building patterns that ensured quartz was speaking the language of pixels, allowing designers to manipulate layouts at their core level. They also rethought the product to be less intimidating and more accessible. We actually spent a ton of time and energy trying to make the terminology and organization really approachable and friendly, so a student wouldnt find it confusing or overly technical, walkin tells sign. A perfect example is a pathing tool where you set two points, and the system fills in the rest. You might use it to quickly animate a graphic flying across writing a page. Quartz composer would call this (linear) Interpolation. Facebook calls it Transitionsplaying off the idea that a designer would use it when transitioning between two screens. (That name took the team three weeks to decide upon, but the team considers the time well-spent.).

one ton of paper

And in fact, almost every animation you see in Paper was prototyped first in Origami before it was handed to facebooks programmers to build into the real app. Origami being used for Facebooks Paper app. But Origami is not actually a piece of software that Facebook built from the ground. Its a custom plug-in for. Quartz composer, a free apple app thats traditionally been used for simple motion graphicslike the lower thirds you might see during a newscast. The problem is that quartz composer was never streamlined for interaction design. So the facebook team slowly chipped away with tweaks and modifications of their own.

app. It allowed the designers to mock up one of Papers most complex animationssomething youd never traditionally associate with Facebook uia booklet unfolding to reveal a news article. Whats important to note is that this animation isnt precanned in Origami. Its truly interactive, always anchored to your thumb and tracking it in real time, while a 3-D lighting system adds depth to the image. Not bad for a piece of software facebook teaches its designers to use in just an hour and a half. Origami is largely the child of Walkin, along with fellow product designer Drew Hamlin. Its development started around nine months ago, in conjunction with their work on Paper. As the paper projects needs grew, so did the capabilities of Origami.

To hazlitt celebrate, were revisiting some of our most popular stories of the year. Weve already waxed poetically about Facebooks new app Paper, which reskins the bloated Facebook experience to feel like a top-tier interactive media product. The facebook feed is reimagined as a grid of cards that put video and images first, and you can explore them through innovative gestureslike tilting your camera to pan through a panoramic photo. Paper is part of a new initiative announced recently by mark zuckerberg, to imagine the mega social network as a series of discrete apps no doubt to compete with the next wave of social media and news startups without offending the users of Facebooks core. But what you might not have heard is the story of the tool behind Paper. Facebook developed Origami to be a rapid prototyping tool for interfaces, to allow its designers to create and test complex, original animations without the help of the coding team. (And then the company released it free last month for the worlds designers to use, too.). Origami is a powerful counterpoint to Photoshop, just as Paper is a powerful counterpoint to facebooks app. Before we started using Origami, we designed using Photoshopstatic mockups, arranged next to each other.

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Old version, koryazhma, products, big Koryazhma Project, as a result of implementation of the big Koryazhma project, Ilim Group started up Russians most advanced state-of-the-art cut-size paper machine. In 2013, Ilim Group started production of coated freesheet under the Omela brand, which made Ilim the first and only russian manufacturer of this product. Learn more about the project. The timeframe, usd 270 million, investments of, history, mill news. About Ilim Group, sustainable development, locations, newsroom. Career, products, shareholders, purchases, information for suppliers, documents for contractors. By mark wilson 4 minute read, editors Note 2/17/14, happy Presidents day!

one ton of paper
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  1. This is also the 1st touhou related sword i ve made and lol does reference a ton of, touhou along with DotA and even wow, this sword being one of them. How to make: Paper Katana.

  2. I drove a non-cdl delivery truck, summer job while in high school, with.9l ctd and drove.3l ctd 5- ton 6x6 in Iraq. Ton, standard Regular Cab Pickup. One, ton would be discontinued a scant two years later, in 1996.

  3. Kung fu panda world: Legend of the wu sisters. One, ton, boom Hacked. Use an array of weapons and do whatever it takes to have your vengeance.

  4. How going Green saves. — just cause its in the paper doesnt make it true (Im a national Enquirer fan myself). Offset printing paper, coated paper, omela ( official website of the product ) Koryazhma Branch is one of the largest wood chemical Mills in Europe.

  5. We spent a ton of time trying to make the organization really approachable and friendly. Decrease office paper, process paper /plastics and cardboard recycle more and print less. We have goals in place to decrease the amount of paper printed by roughly.

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