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After staying steady for a while, the portion of American children born to unmarried parents jumped to 40 percent in resume the past few years. Many of their mothers are struggling financially; the most successful are working and going to school and hustling to feed the children, and then falling asleep in the elevator of the community college. Still, they are in charge. The family changes over the past four decades have been bad for men and bad for kids, but its not clear they are bad for women, says. Bradford Wilcox, the head of the University of Virginias National Marriage Project. Over the years, researchers have proposed different theories to explain the erosion of marriage in the lower classes: the rise of welfare, or the disappearance of work and thus of marriageable men. But Edin thinks the most compelling theory is that marriage has disappeared because women are setting the terms—and setting them too high for the men around them to reach. I want that white-picket-fence dream, one woman told Edin, and the men she knew just didnt measure up, so she had become her own one-woman The whole countrys future could look much as the present does for many lower-class African Americans: the mothers pull themselves. First-generation college-educated white women may join their black counterparts in a new kind of middle class, where marriage is increasingly rare.

Now they are desperate to father, but they are pessimistic about whether they can meet her expectations. The women dont want them as husbands, and they have no steady income to provide. So what do they have? The men were just annihilated in the recession of the 90s, and things never got better. Now its just awful. The situation today is not, as Edin likes to say, a feminist nirvana. The phenomenon of children being born to unmarried parents has spread to barrios and trailer parks and rural areas and small towns, Edin says, and it is creeping up the class ladder.

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Typically, womens income has been the main factor in determining whether a family moves up the class ladder or stays stagnant. And increasing numbers of women—unable to find men with a similar income and education—are forgoing marriage altogether. In 1970, 84 percent of women ages 30 to 44 were married; now 60 percent are. In 2007, among American women without a high-school diploma, 43 percent were married. And yet, for all the hand-wringing over the lonely spinster, the real loser in society—the only one to have made just slight financial gains since the 1970s—is the single man, inspiration whether poor or rich, college-educated or not.

Hens rejoice; its the bachelor party thats over. The sociologist Kathryn Edin spent five years talking with low-income mothers in the inner suburbs of Philadelphia. Many of these neighborhoods, she found, had turned into matriarchies, with women making all the decisions and dictating what the men should and should not. I think something feminists have missed, Edin told me, is how much power women have when theyre not bound by marriage. The women, she explained, make every important decision—whether to have a baby, how to raise it, where to live. Its definitely my way or the highway, she said. Thirty years ago, cultural norms were such that the fathers might have said, Great, catch me if you can.

This essay looks at some of the positive and negative aspects of animal testing. Many medical treatments and procedures have been developed from experiments on animals. Since animals share many features with humans, scientists use animals to test the safety and effectiveness of newly developed drugs before pilot testing on small groups of patients. Medical teams practice new operating techniques such as transplants on animals. Without animal testing, many procedures or new drugs would be extremely unsafe.

However, many people are concerned that animals are suffering unnecessarily and cruelly. They do not believe that every new drug needs to be tested on animals, especially with the huge database of knowledge and modern computer models. They also are worried that many animal tests are ineffective, pointing out that any drugs have had to be withdrawn from the market despite extensive testing. They particularly feel that animal testing should not be used for non-essential products such as cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, and cleaning products. Furthermore, some campaigners would like to see certain tests replaced and more humane methods used. We need to make sure that the millions of animals who are used for testing new products are treated with the minimum of suffering. Although some animal testing may be unavoidable at present, treating our fellow creatures as mercifully as possible will demonstrate our humanity). The terms of marriage have changed radically since 1970.

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Although it is often said that, in fact the opposite is true. Two sentences, it is undoubtedly true that However. It is often argued that However,. Some people say that They essay claim However, i feel. Supporters of this viewpoint say that However,. One sentence (While, although using while it is true that, i believe. Although many people think that., i feel that, although it is often said that, in fact the opposite is true, example: Animal testing may be necessary, but we need to be be merciful. Every year, millions of animals undergo painful suffering or death as a result of scientific research into the effects of drugs, food additives, cosmetics and other chemical products. While most people think animal testing is necessary, others are upset by what they see as needless suffering.


Write the introduction, body, and conclusion. Check for fragments, run-ons and comma splices. Useful Vocabulary, give the other side, some people think that. Although with many people feel that, it is claimed that, some people feel that. One sentence (While, although while it is true that i believe. Despite the fact that millions of people die every year from lung cancer, many people think it is cool to smoke. Although many people think that., i feel that.

layout, you should decide on a layout. The easiest is 3-7-7-3. That means four paragraphs: 1) introduction  (3 sentences). Introduction obligatory includes a thesis in the 3-d sentence 2) one side (7 sentences) 3) the other side (7 sentences) 4) conclusion (3 sentences). Conclusion summarizes the main ideas and gives your opinion. Step 5: Write, after you have written your plan, write your essay.

There are five main steps. Step 1: read the task, read the task. Decide what kind of essay it is - opinion, compare/contrast, problem and solution, cause and effect, or a mixture. The review type of question will decide the layout and your ideas. Step 2: Underline, underline key vocabulary in the task and write words with the same or related meaning. This will really save you a lot of time later. It will also help to avoid repetition of words, and will show that you understand the question.

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Synonyms: composition, article, piece, theme, exposition, more. Collocations: dated, uk: essayed a leap, sprint, smile, an interesting, engrossing essay (on essay writing, questions, more. An opinion essay expresses your personal point of view on some controversial problem in writing. The main aim of an opinion essay is to persuade your audience that your position is correct. To produce a successful opinion essay, you should carefully choose the theme and conduct proper research on the debatable problem. Opinion papers should be interesting and well balanced to read. Both, your point of view and the opposing position must be introduced to guarantee the pluralism of idea. The opposing point of view presented in an opinion paper must reflect the common view of the readers on the selected essay topic.

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